• Juissen Xevi Verdaguer Fruit and Vegetables Juice Extractor (45rpm)

  • Juissen Xevi Verdaguer Fruit and Vegetables Juice Extractor (45rpm)
  • Prepare a homemade juice is the easiest and healthier wat to eat fruit or vegetables. The reason is simple, we are preparing a 100% natural juice. Juissen uses a revolutionary system of juice extracting. Compared to conventional means, the slow rotation system of Juissen increase production up to 65% and keeps the juice homogeneous, preserving a greater number of elements necessary to our body. Juissen not squeeze or trite, does not increase the temperature of the ingredients and, therefore, better preserves the vitamins. Every day we have to take a minimum of 5 portions of fruit, vegetables. An high consuption of fruits and vegetables is important, especially for children and elderly. The human body is able to eat more fruits and vegetables in liquid form. So, our body is able to absorb vitamins, minerals and other active substance faster. * We provide only businesses companies such as distributors, retailers, manufacturers and assemblers.
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